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12 December 2011 | Jo Jenkins | Mara

The wildlife viewing in the Mara has been superb over the past few months. The November short rains have been excellent and probably the best we've had in 15+ years. The conservancies are beautifully green and lush resulting in plenty of food for the herbivores and the plains are teeming with wildlife including an abundance of topi, zebra, hartebeest, gazelle, and buffalo calves among others.  Add to this mix the big cats – lions, leopards and cheetah – all with cubs resident in our conservancies and it makes for a dramatic and exciting safari viewing experience.  Of course the rains have led to some muddy and slippery conditions with the occasional incident of getting stuck but all our clients have taken it with a spirit of adventure!  It looks like the rains may have ended as the past few days we've had no rain with bright and sunny days.

Written by Jo Jenkins

Jo’s enthusiasm for safari as a child when her parents worked in Zambia, then Kenya. Jo quickly fancied herself as a safari expert and has been a keen game tracker ever since. Although, more recently, she is very keen to trial many of the (more luxurious) beach lodges we now offer.

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