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Any trekking route on Kilimanjaro besides the Marangu Route is a full-fledged camping “expedition”. You sleep in mountain tents, in campsites which are accessible to other groups, but we strive to set the campsite in a secluded spot. Your meals at breakfast and dinner are eaten in a mess tent, and lunch is often eaten at a table in the open air, barring bad weather. The group travels as a totally self-contained unit. All gear, from tents, food and cooking supplies to luggage and sleeping bags, is carried by the porters. You are responsible for carrying a pack containing items to which you need access during the course of the day.

All cooking is done by the crew over gas flame. No damaging wood fires are allowed. Camp is set and struck every night and morning by the crew. Lighted mess tents are erected at each campsite for shelter, daily climb briefings, and for meals (breakfast & dinner). Although the crew is there for camp chores, assistance is always appreciated; participation is a key ingredient in a successful trek.

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