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Scattered from the southern tip of India for hundreds of miles south and across the equator, the Maldives is a collection of tiny coral islands, all surrounded by warm, shallow, turquoise waters that teem with marine life.

There is very little here, but that is the beauty of it and your days will be filled with exploring the ocean, sleeping, sunbathing and eating amazing fusion cuisine. If this all gets too much, go for a walk around your island – this could waste an hour, go to the gym and build up your appetite, or head to the spa. After a few days of this demanding regime you will relax, you will start to walk more slowly and you will start to wander how you managed to fit anything more into your day. The Maldives is the antidote to a hectic city life.

The diving and snorkelling in the Maldives is incredible. In fact, you often don’t even need to snorkel – large colourful fish, rays, even reef sharks can often be seen off the beach or your hotel’s jetty. The water is so still and safe it is ideal for children or those who might be a little nervous at first, and yet the spectacular reef walls and deeper dive spots will also challenge the more adventurous.

The Maldives is wonderful for a honeymoon, for couples looking for R&R, but also for families. The beaches and water are very safe here, and the experienced hoteliers now provide brilliant facilities for younger guests.

Accommodation here varies enormously. The Maldives is well established on the tourist map these days, so you need to choose your island carefully to avoid a mass market holiday camp feel. There are dive islands, which tend to be lower cost and more lively and so attract groups of dive enthusiasts. Of the rest, there are a handful of four star islands, but most are five star and offer sumptuous bedrooms, glamorous spas and exquisite food and service.

Some islands offer all inclusive meal plans, others offer yoga and tennis, some are rustic and cool, some are all ‘bling’ and celebrity endorsed. If you don’t care to share, you can even hire your own island complete with a dive boat, butlers, and private chefs. We can help you choose the right island for you.

You will also have to face the biggest Maldives debate head on – whether to go for a beach villa or a water villa? Everyone has a favourite. The Maldives is the ultimate beach hang-out for those who like their creature comforts but still to feel sand between their toes. It is paradise for a week or two.

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