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Explore Africa’s wide open plains, pristine wilderness or volcanic landscapes, all teaming with wildlife. Combine with turquoise seas and tropical islands for a perfect safari and beach mix. We have traipsed, tried and tested places throughout Subharan Africa to find the best safari and beach destinations to visit. Have a look at the countries below to see where might suit you best.

Tanzania Tanzania

Iconic Safari and Beach destination: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater & Zanzibar. Home to great migration and Kilimanjaro. Excellent travel infrastructure - all price categories.  

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Zanzibar Zanzibar

The spice island - Robinson Crusoe escapism and tropical hideaway. Turquoise seas lapping whitest of sands & oozing Swahili charm.

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Botswana Botswana

Exclusive safari - away from the crowds - famed for Okavango Delta & Kalahari Desert. Connects well with South Africa & Victoria Falls.

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Kenya Kenya

Classic Safari&Beach : Maasai Mara with Kenya Coast or Zanzibar and uncrowded conservancies. Excellent travel infrastructure - all price categories.

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South Africa South Africa
South Africa

Pristine safari national parks with awesome walking and night safaris. Add Victoria Falls for splendour and adrenaline fix.

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Namibia Namibia

Desert landscapes, abstract wilderness and fierce coastline. Attracts adventure seekers & seasoned travellers.

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Rwanda Rwanda

Famous for its mountain gorillas and volcanic landscape. Humbling and incredibly rewarding for everybody who visits.

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Zambia Zambia

Pristine safari national parks with awesome walking and night safaris. Add Victoria Falls for splendour and adrenaline fix.

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Mozambique Mozambique

Ultimate beach destination combining well with South / East Africa Stunning coast & islands offering turquoise seas & pristine white beaches.

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Mauritius Mauritius

The safe beach option to combine with safari or on its own. Plenty of beach resorts offering an island playground for all.

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Seychelles Seychelles

Remote and unspoilt and remains one of the most desirable, evocative and expensive destinations in the world.

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Uganda Uganda

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, according to Winston Churchill.  And for good reason.  Uganda offers stunning scenery with gems of opportunity.  It is in Uganda you can see world's highest concentration of primates including the much endangered Mountain Gorilla, chimpanzees and golden monkeys.

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Big 5, small 5, climb Kili and give me high 5. There’s plenty to see and do in Africa. Stay under canvas for a true wilderness experience (although there are plenty of fixed builds available). Private vehicles, some open-sided, walking, boating or ballooning safaris all get you close to the action. Enjoy boutique beach hotels for barefoot luxury or head to fully inclusive resorts (if you have to).

The countries in Africa are as diverse as the landscapes within it. In East Africa, Tanzania and Kenya are home to the wide open plains of the Serengeti and Maasai Mara, respectively, which hosts the great wildebeest migration. Tanzania and Kenya also benefit from stunning white sandy beaches making them ideal safari and beach destinations. As you head south, southern Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia or South Africa, the landscape changes to mopane woodland, a pristine wilderness rich in game. Add the deserts of Namibia, the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda, home to the mountain gorillas, the urban cool of Capetown and you can see the need for a genuine Africa specialist.

Safari&Beach have a view, good or bad, on all the hot, and cold, spots throughout Africa. Your holiday planning would not be complete without a chat with us first.



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