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24 June 2013 | Jo Jenkins | Tanzania

From 1 July 2013 park fees in Tanzania have risen. This applies to all the national parks (eg. Serengeti, Manyara, Tarangire, Ruaha, Mahale) and you should check before travel whether you will be obliged to pay these increases.  Additionally, in the Selous visitors will now be charged on a 24-hour basis which means you may have an extra charge if you have a later departure on your last day.

If you’re travelling to Tanzania’s national parks, you’ll have to make sure that you factor in park fees. This is especially true if you’re taking your own vehicle (although this is only allowed in certain parks) as it can cost hundreds of dollars to do this.

How much are Tanzania Park Fees?

Most of the National Parks in Tanzania require you to pay conservation fees in order to enter the park. These are usually charged per day,

Tarangire Park Fees

Adult: $53
Child (age 5-18): $18

Lake Manyara Park Fees

Adult: $53
Child (age 5-18): $18

Ngorongoro Crater Park Fees

Adult: $71
Child (age 5-18): $24

Vehicle fee: $295 (per vehicle)

Serengeti Park Fees

Adult: $71
Child (age 5-18): $24

In most cases, children under 5 will be free to visit the National Parks in Tanzania.

Written by Jo Jenkins

Jo’s enthusiasm for safari as a child when her parents worked in Zambia, then Kenya. Jo quickly fancied herself as a safari expert and has been a keen game tracker ever since. Although, more recently, she is very keen to trial many of the (more luxurious) beach lodges we now offer.

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