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News From The Mara

 12 December 2011 |  Jo Jenkins |  Mara

The wildlife viewing in the Mara has been superb over the past few months. The November short rains have been excellent and probably the best we've had in 15+ years. The conservancies are beautifully green and lush resulting in plenty of food for the herbivores and the plains are teeming with wildlife...

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Masai Mara April 2011

 3 May 2011 |  Jo Jenkins |  Mara

Once again we experienced dry weather during the first week or so of the month – it just didn’t seem to want to rain! There would very often be a big build-up of clouds all along the western and north-western horizon which would raise our hopes, but the first...

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Tanzania Lions

 27 January 2011 |  Jo Jenkins |  Tanzania

The Lions of Siwandu in the Selous made it through the year successfully this time, raising the two cubs who are now about one year old. It seems that the old difficult time is over and all in the pride are healthy and successful hunters. The big young male...

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South Luangwa June

 10 June 2010 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

Game viewing has been wonderful. There’s a pride of 17 lions around the Mfuwe area at the moment. The carnivore monitoring team tell us they think it’s an offshoot of the huge, 24 strong Mwamba pride. The pride killed three young buffalo in the week and have been providing...

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Botswana safari report

 8 February 2010 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Botswana

Maun Residents in the Maun area have seen an exotic and dangerous array of African wildlife in recent weeks. The large rains in the village have brought out a vast array of venomous snakes including Puff Adders (Lebolobolo), Black Mambas and Mozambique Spitting Cobras (M’Fezi). Staying with the reptile...

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Latest report from Botswana

 8 January 2010 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Botswana

Despite it being low season and rainy season, there have been some exciting sightings: Kwando & Linyanti Two Male Lions have already been sighted killing a Zebra close to halfway pan early this year and they are heard roaring every night from Lebala Camp.  A large shower on New Years Day has...

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October Migration Report

 9 November 2009 |  Jo Jenkins |  Migration

The weather & the plains: October was a dry, hot and dusty month with the odd splash of rain in the first couple of weeks and a good few days of rain at the end. The plains now look as if a million animals have come through, which of...

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October Report From Okavango Delta

 5 October 2009 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

The past couple of months have seen excellent wildlife in Okavango, not only on game activities but also in the camps. The Lala Palms at Shinde are full in bloom and the dates are much sort after by the resident elephant population . These gentle giants visit the camp...

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Live from Selous

 10 August 2009 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

Wow not only did the weather provide dry cool days with lots of cloud cover to reduce the heat but the game has turned it on. There has been the most prolific sightings of Panthera Leo, Lion to the rest of us in great numbers with up to 29...

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