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Protect the Cheetah

 4 January 2017 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Conservation

Cheetah are in danger of extinction.  Fact.  The worldwide population of cheetah has dropped by 50% since 1975 to just over 7,000 and it is feared this could drop a further 50% by 2030 which would put it on the endangered animal list. The main cheetah population is to...

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China set to ban Ivory trade

 31 December 2016 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Conservation

At last. China is set to ban ivory sales at the end of next year. A  massive relief for conservationists and the 100,000 elephant that have been lost to poaching in the last decade. Beijing is the world’s biggest centre for ivory and the ban will put pressure across...

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