Maxine Stevens

28 September 2018 | Jo Jenkins |

Max’s first experience of Africa was living and working in a truly remote part of Botswana, managing a game reserve with her husband. With no running water, living in a tent and cooking on an open fire, Max fell in love with this untamed side of Africa. She then went on to manage safari camps, working with guides, staff and guests and absorbing some of the most amazing wildlife experiences on a daily basis. She has travelled extensively across southern Africa, including spending time exploring the squeakily clean white sands of Mozambique.

Max also has many years of experience in education, having gained her degree in this field and understands the positive impact that tourism can have on local communities. With a constant urge to keep exploring, African travel is where Max belongs and finding herself at Safari and Beach, she can unlock not only her love for the for the continent, but her intrinsic understanding of the place, the people and the wildlife to develop the most amazing adventures.

Written by Jo Jenkins

Jo’s enthusiasm for safari as a child when her parents worked in Zambia, then Kenya. Jo quickly fancied herself as a safari expert and has been a keen game tracker ever since. Although, more recently, she is very keen to trial many of the (more luxurious) beach lodges we now offer.

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