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Reports From Botswana

 20 February 2012 |  Jo Jenkins |  Botswana, Safari and Beach News

Kwara: We welcomed the new year with incredible sighting of predators, prey, birds, and of course dramatic sunrises and sunsets. Kwara concession is certainly a wildlife paradise on the 1st day of the 1st month, we found 2 lionesses resting under the shade, escaping the heat, a few metres...

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News From Botswana

 14 October 2011 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Botswana

Kwara As always, Kwara Concession has been teeming with the majestic wonder and intimate sightings which it is so well known for! A lioness was spotted, attempting to imitate one of her closest rivals, the leopard, as she gracefully perched herself atop a Sycamore tree. As the sun began...

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News from Botswana

 22 June 2011 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Botswana

Kwara Concession As we move into the what is traditionally known as the ‘flood season’ , the slowly rising water levels may be the reason that the lions stay close by, allowing us to see them pretty much every day. Lions in the Delta are known to swim across...

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Botswana Sightings

 16 March 2010 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Botswana

Central Kalahari Wonderful game all round here in the remote Kalahari. On Tau Pan itself we have had the pleasure of regular sightings of a female Cheetah with a sub adult and cub. They have been seen almost daily doing their best to avoid the two resident male Lions...

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Botswana safari report

 8 February 2010 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Botswana

Maun Residents in the Maun area have seen an exotic and dangerous array of African wildlife in recent weeks. The large rains in the village have brought out a vast array of venomous snakes including Puff Adders (Lebolobolo), Black Mambas and Mozambique Spitting Cobras (M’Fezi). Staying with the reptile...

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Latest report from Botswana

 8 January 2010 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Botswana

Despite it being low season and rainy season, there have been some exciting sightings: Kwando & Linyanti Two Male Lions have already been sighted killing a Zebra close to halfway pan early this year and they are heard roaring every night from Lebala Camp.  A large shower on New Years Day has...

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Rainbow Of Migratory Birds In Botswana

 14 November 2009 |  Jo Jenkins |  Botswana, Safari and Beach News

Green season in Botswana marks the time of year when the bush and its surrounds turn into bright colours. The season also welcomes the arrival of newborn animals and several migratory birds such as Woolley Necked Stocks, Yellow Billed Kites and the “rainbow birds”, the Southern Carmine Bee Eaters....

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Wild Dog In Botswana

 4 November 2009 |  Jo Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Botswana

A pack of wild dogs have been regularly seen on the Chobe River flood plains, Botswana. Guests were on a sundowner cruise watching a herd of elephants swimming across the river when they saw the wild dogs in hot pursuit of an impala running towards the river. The impala...

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