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Family Safari – Beckham Style

 8 June 2017 |  Nick Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News, Family Safaris

Taking a family safari holiday has to be on everyone’s family holiday bucket list.  And so the Beckhams would agree.  Having just travelled to the Serengeti in Tanzania for a sneaky half term safari holiday this has to be one of their most memorable holidays. A family holiday in...

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Giraffe: a manner of speaking

 16 May 2017 |  Nick Jenkins |  Safari and Beach News

The dumb giraffe.  Giraffe  have a voicebox but, due to their extraordinary long necks, it is thought the airflow make it difficult to make a sound.  Just as well they have such beautifully long eyelashes and kissable lips. Experience the Giraffe up close and personal at Giraffe Manor on...

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