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Meet the Safari&Beach team.  Really, we like to think to think ourselves more as a family but give us a ring and speak to any of the team.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy the chat as much as we do.


Nick Jenkins

Founding Director

Nick started his love of Africa from an extremely early age having been born in Nairobi. Although he later moved back to the UK and spent a spell specialising in travel to South East Asia, Nick quickly returned to working in Africa. Firstly in South Africa but, for the last (almost) 20 years, specialising in safari holidays throughout the continent.

Nick has extensive knowledge of all the countries within which we operate and keeps this current with regular trips back and forth. Nick’s love of Africa is infectious and you’ll really enjoy planning your trip with him.


Jo Jenkins

Marketing Director

Jo’s enthusiasm for safari began as a child when her parents worked in Zambia, then Kenya. Jo quickly fancied herself as a safari expert and has been a keen game tracker ever since. Although, more recently, she is very keen to trial many of the (more luxurious) beach lodges we now offer.

Jo’s main role is website development and marketing but is delighted to become involved in planning of trips for anyone that needs her.


Charlie Greenwood

Safari Wizard

Charlie is rather obsessed with far flung holidays. Since graduating university with a Master’s Degree in Tourism Wizardry, she has spent every moment possible travelling across the world building successful programmes for some the most recognised names in the travel industry.  She left city life behind almost ten years ago to hone her Africa knowledge and live by the sea.

Charlie fell for Africa the moment she first visited in 2005. Safari under canvas is her ultimate and no other experience is more relaxing, more exciting, or sticks in your mind quite like it.  Charlie now specialises in honeymoons and family trips across Africa and the Indian Ocean and loves creating the perfect, bespoke trip. She likes a challenge and can make even the most complicated trip feel very easy, whatever your budget.


Gina Carter

East Africa Guru

Gina has travelled far and wide and spent several years living abroad but it was when she first backpacked to Africa nearly 30 years ago that she fell in love.

Already an expert in lying down on tropical beaches she discovered the real Africa when she went off the beaten track and spent a few months driving though the Sahara and Western Africa in an old banger. However, it was the pull of East Africa that inspired her and brought her back to the epic Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya and Lamu. Nothing comes close to sitting around the camp fire at night time listening to tales under the myriad of stars or lying in your tent listening to the roars of nature snuggled up under your duvet. Gina adores wildlife and admits to crying every time she sees a baby elephant, baby zebra, lion, cheetah, dung beetle, leopard or well anything really!

Then there’s the white sands, turquoise seas and swaying palms to make you smile, beer in hand at sundowner o’clock – bliss!


Maxine Stevens

Africa Expert

Max’s first experience of Africa was living and working in a truly remote part of Botswana, managing a game reserve with her husband. With no running water, living in a tent and cooking on an open fire, Max fell in love with this untamed side of Africa. She then went on to manage safari camps, working with guides, staff and guests and absorbing some of the most amazing wildlife experiences on a daily basis. She has travelled extensively across southern Africa, including spending time exploring the squeakily clean white sands of Mozambique.

Max also has many years of experience in education, having gained her degree in this field and understands the positive impact that tourism can have on local communities. With a constant urge to keep exploring, African travel is where Max belongs and finding herself at Safari and Beach, she can unlock not only her love for the for the continent, but her intrinsic understanding of the place, the people and the wildlife to develop the most amazing adventures.


Tim Greenwood

Operations Manager

Tim’s our Jack of all trades and as you advance through your Safari&Beach journey we hope you at least e-meet him along the way.  Tim does all the numbers, crossing of t’s and crossing of i’s to ensure your trip is as seemless as can be. Nothing is too much trouble for Tim and what a valuable asset to the team he is.


Clare Booth

Hot Shot

Clare has enjoyed the life of an expat living in Africa and Asia during her formative years. Clare has a real love of the outdoors although often finds herself appreciating it behind the lens of a camera or capsizing her boat!

Clare is mainly involved in the management of our website, particularly imagery, and would welcome any photos you’d like to share on our site.  If you’re interested in some of her work, please have a look at Clare’s stunning image library.

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